The Set SDK for iOS is a collection of APIs for building apps that understand users in real-time. The SDK delivers information that can help you solve the needs of your users faster or provide them new value at the right time. It's a system for making better user experiences.

Set works through on-device data processing and machine learning plus a developer dashboard for monitoring event data and authoring notifications. It helps mobile developers wrangle data from the many streams available on devices.

How to use Set

Set solves two problems for product developers: when to send Notifications and how to add Personalization to your app.


Set can help you send fewer, more valuable notifications to you users. It does this by learning about your users, when they are gaining value from your apps, and when they gain value from specific features within your app. Then, it helps deliver your notifications at the perfect time.

See the Notifications Introduction for more.


The Set SDK learns about users directly on their device. That information can be used to help tailor and optimize interfaces for each one of their engagements. It can also be used to provide advanced and adaptive features not available in basic applications. For example, with Set you can allow your users to create reminders in their apps that not only happen at specific times but during specific behaviors (e.g. at home in the early evening on a weekday or driving to work in the morning).

To learn what kinds of Contexts you can use, jump to our iOS APIs .

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