Custom Event Tracking

The Set SDK allows you to create, track and learn patterns of custom behaviors in your app. There are two primary uses of custom behaviors tracking: Notification Triggers and Context Subscriptions including your custom behaviors. In the first, Set will make your custom behaviors available in your dashboard for defining custom notification recipes linked to how your user is engaging with different features of your app. In the second, you can combine in-app behaviors with specific contexts of interest to be notified when they occur together.

Tracking Custom Events

Set’s set of context features not enough for you? We have you covered! Custom events are helpful for building Notification Recipes and performing analytics to determine valuable user contexts. The Set SDK will learn key dimensions of each event you track, including when they happen, what contexts lead up to them happening, and what contexts they happen within.

Tracked events can be leveraged in the Context APIs (on/onAny) via the eventConstraints argument.


SetSDK.track, eventConstraints

class ViewController: UIViewController {
  override func viewDidLoad() {



Subscribe to Custom Events with Context

What is super fun about tracking your Custom Events this way is that you can easily now react to these events happening under various Contexts. For example, you can subscribe to a specific View being opened while the user is on a commute or in the .evening on the .evening, and react to the different contexts independently.



SetSDK.on(.tracked("shopping-cart-opened"), .evening, .onWifi, .pluggedIn) { event in -> () }

API References

[success] Awesome!

You've got the basics of Context behind you. Now learn how to combine your Contexts & Custom events to trigger Push Notifications in the next steps.

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